Cru Systems


We BELIEVE bottling in-house is always the best option

Cru Systems has over 25 years of experience in mechanical design, with an emphasis on customization and solid customer service. We have built a reputation of consistently exceeding our client’s expectations. 

We began manufacturing our own bottling equipment since we didn’t see a good alternative to the high-cost of automated bottling lines or the expense and inconvenience of using outside facilities or bottling trucks.

We have always believed that bottling in-house was the best option to maintain complete control over the product throughout the entire process. Bottling in-house also allows you to bottle on your own terms and timeline, always ensuring supreme quality standards are met, no matter the size of the operation. So, we created Cru Systems with two main goals:


·     To provide the high-quality, professional bottling equipment

·       To keep bottling costs to a minimum for our customers


We also noticed that there was a need for local service and support of these products.  We truly believe that Cru Systems has filled these needs.