Cru Systems



·         Stainless-Steel Construction

·         Adjustable bottle tray to accommodate various bottle sizes and shapes

·         Stainless Steel float valve automatically shuts off flow of liquid to prevent overflow

·         Level gauge located on outside of tank

·         Filler automatically stops filling when bottle is filled, ensuring consistent level fill height

·         Units come in both table-top model as well as mounted on a rolling, portable stand

·         Individual adjustable spouts allow for fill level modifications

·         Spouts and float valves can be disassembled for easy cleaning

·         Valve- control drain located on the bottom of tank for easy drainage after each use

·         Stainless Steel nozzles disassemble quickly for easy cleaning

·         11-gallon capacity tank

·         Fills bottles ranging in size from small, custom bottles up to magnum size (1.5 liters)

·         Output: 400­ bottles per hour; varies depending on operator and bottle size