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modular bottling systems

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Being in total control of your bottling process eliminates the risks associated with using somebody else’s equipment on their timetable or allowing an outsider to bottle your product.  It is much more convenient and safer to use your own equipment on your schedule.  Moreover, it is a much lower cost solution in the long run.

Many of our customers used to rely on funnels & hoses and cheaply-made plastic equipment to fill their bottles. Others spent enormous amounts on bottling trucks and outside facilities until they realized that handing over their product did not allow them to be in total control of the results. We wanted to provide them a superior alternative to these options.  

So, we began providing our customers additional solutions for small to medium size operations. They have been amazed at how incredibly easy a Cru Systems Bottling Line is to set-up and operate.  Below is just a sampling of what we offer:

·     Corking Machines (Manual or Semi-Automatic)

·     Foil Spinners

·     Heat Shrink Machines

·     Labelers (Manual or Semi-Automatic)

·     Cappers

·     Wax Dipping Equipment



Ø If we can help you with other items, such as filters, tanks, gages, etc., just ask!  No worries - if we don’t have it in stock, we can get it from our Partner Network!