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Table Top Electric Bottle Capper

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Table Top Electric Bottle Capper


Table Top Electric Bottle Capper is a compact, very easy to use machine. It tightens caps onto bottles with simplicity and comfort. External Torque Adjustment Dial provides outstanding repeatable torque accuracy (range 2-45 in. lbs.) on screw and lug type caps from 10mm – 70mm in diameter. The Table Top Electric Capper features a direct plug-in cord and runs quietly on standard electricity. This is an ideal machine when space is limited or there is no access to compressed air. Anti-Rotation Base prevents bottle from rotating during use. Machine is reversable and can be used as a De-Capper as well.   A110~120v  50/60Hz.  Accommodates bottles up to 9”.  Standard Product includes:

  • Quick Change Chuck

  • Chuck Insert (Liner)

  • Anti-Rotation Base

  • Capper Balancer


  • Accommodations for bottles up to 15”

  • Lever activated Bottle Gripping Base for very small bottles

  • Adjustable sliding arms for square or rectangular bottles

  • EZ Slide Grille for very large bottles

  • Custom Machined Chucks

  • Available in 220~240V, 50/50Hz.AC

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